Work In Progress Photos


The Battleship "USS Arizona" - Revell 1/426 Scale

This is an idea percolating for a while.  Build the legacy Revell Arizona kit, with no aftermarket parts...just paint.  Getting the paint scheme right is a big deal. 

Construction Notes:

The kit molds are from 1958...sometimes it's amazingly good like the detail of the wood planking...or it shows when three kits fail to produce a good hull match, leaving a gap on the bottom.

Painting and then scrapping the wood planking on the decks worked very well and left a realistic looking result when overcoated with a gloss coat.

Decisions have to be made about historical context.  The biplanes supplied in the kit are not what was on the Arizona on Dec 7, 1941...but then...nothing was, because the Kingfisher planes assigned to the ship had been off loaded.  I may use the planes in the kit and make this a tribute to the Arizona of a time before Pearl Harbor.