A trip into retro modeling.  This kit is very old (1957) and rough.So, not much worry about detail.  The big orange painted decal will be done in paint...that's the challenge. 

Check out the instructions...are you feeling nostalgic yet?

It's amazing that this is one of only two small kits of this cool airplane. 

Construction Notes:

The plastic is old and brittle, so not much work was done (it cracked once and that was it).  The decals are pretty bad, so a decision has been made to learn decal printing with a inkjet.  It won't be as sharp as the original, but it will be cleaner.  Its a tradeoff.  Also to be scratchbuilt is the upper part of the stand and, BTW, the windows and landing lights were not to be found, so they got left out.

Some research showed extra details like black walkup lines on the lower wings and strut supports for the tail assembly. 

It won't be long before it will be fully down the rabbit hole with this silly little kit...which might just be OK when done.

Once complete, the cardboard "stand" for the model lasted about as long as the photo session.  Maybe, someday, there will be a better solution.